Acceso al CIEM en el marco de Hydralab IV


Free Access to CIEM within Hydralab IV (7th EC framework programme)

The programme provides user groups access free of charge to the facilities for their research project and covers travel and subsistence costs. The programme is intended for short access periods, not exceeding 3 months. State-of-the-art measuring instruments, data-acquisition and processing systems will be at their disposal, as well as modern support facilities, such as library, computers, processing and printing. Furthermore, the visiting researchers are offered a scientific intellectual environment, with assistance and guidance from experts at the host institute. Previous background in laboratory techniques is not a prerequisite as technical support and training are provided. User groups are only eligible when the team leader and the majority of researchers are conducting their research in the EU or Associated States, but outside the host country of the facility.

The deadline has been schedulled for Jannuary 30th 2011.

It is highly recommended to send a draft proposal to the infrastructure manager, as early as possible but at least 4 weeks before the deadline. By doing so, the facility manager can advise users with respect to technical constraints, feasibility or eligibility conditions and provide additional information aimed at improving your final proposal.