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The rWLab (Remote Wave Laboratory) is the name given to the first wave flume remote laboratory, which has been designed and developed by the Maritime Engineering Laboratory (LIM) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) , together with the International Coastal Resources Research Center (CIIRC) , employing the knowhow of both centers gained in the maritime engineering research field for the last 15 years.

This new laboratory, aimed at both research and teaching purposes, allows remote experiments with small-scale hydraulic models on a waves and current flume.

The advantages and innovations introduced by the rWLab to traditional laboratories are various; including the costs reduction associated with such facilities and the way to give access to research infrastructures.


The construction process focused on adapting an experimental wave flume into a teaching platform, research and dissemination of knowledge using the great advantages nowadays offered by the information and communications technology. The basis on which has been implemented is the small-scale wave flume called CIEMito.


The experience gained with the rWLab should be used to develop and expand the capabilities and uses of remote laboratories to more complex installations, as can be the CIEM large-scale flume of the UPC .


Figure: rWLab accessible from anywhere worldwide.